What is Holistic Nutrition? 2018-11-13T19:28:32-06:00

Holistic medicine refers to achieving optimal health by considering the three aspects of a whole person: mind, body, and spirit


Additional holistic principles include the following:

  • We all have innate powers of healing within us

  • The whole person is made up of parts that are dependent on each other, and when one part is not working properly, all the other parts will be affected
  • A client is a person and not a disease
  • The goal is to fix the cause and not just alleviate symptoms

How Can Holistic Nutrition Help Me?

Nutrition is a fundamental component of health, and for this reason over 50% of the complementary health sector (alternative medicine) focuses on nutrition.  A holistic nutrition professional focuses on the importance of an individual’s dietary requirements, along with helping individuals achieve a healthy balance between the three aspects of the human experience (mind, body, and spirit- spirit should not to be confused with religion).

When Jeff (‘JC’) works with you, his primary focus as a holistic nutritionist is to motivate, educate, empower, make suggestions, and support your goals.  The focus is to research and access current nutrition, help implement positive behavior change, and improve an individual’s nutrition patterns.  This is achieved by educating, motivating and empowering you to incorporate nutritional protocols which include nutrient-dense foods that are whole and as unprocessed as possible.   Foods are chosen and prepared consistent with your wellness goals (spiritual, physical, psychological), current health status (sub-clinical and clinical), heritage (beliefs and upbringing) and resources (money, time, energy).  Based on your bio-individuality the foods are designed to support the following:

  • Stabilize and increase energy production
  • Assimilation and digestion (much of illness and disease stems from poor absorption of nutrients or poor elimination)
  • Promote weight loss and/or weight management
  • Improve overall functionality of the body with nutrition and lifestyle changes
  • Achieve lasting vitality and meet your needs for deep nourishment

Your nutritional status involves many aspects.  A holistic view considers current nutritional status as well as current lifestyle behavior patterns, outlook, perspective and environmental factors.   Analysis of these factors is necessary for achieving your health goals and creating balance that leads to wellness.

JC is passionate about you achieving real and sustainable health that leads to vitality and lasting health.  Spiritual, biochemical, and environmental factors all influence how we live and behave.  Balancing these factors can be achieved through a holistic approach to diet and lifestyle.

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