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Jeff Clemons (JC) is an empowering Master Nutrition Therapist who provides a unique perspective on men’s health and nutrition. JC understands why men tend to be stoic and avoid self care. Thrive brings functional nutrition to a group ordinarily reluctant to try such a thing – Men. Since 2015, we have created a space for men to improve their health in a way that is authentic and appealing to them, as well as meeting individuals ‘where they are’ on their health journey (whether they are health conscious or not). Thrive specializes in men’s health by looking at nutritional and lifestyle imbalances.

Men’s Health Issues Treated with Holistic Nutrition

  • Heart disease

  • Weight management issues

  • Low testosterone and other hormone imbalances

  • Hair loss

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Prostate cancer and enlargement

  • Diabetes

  • Poor mental health (often dictated by what we eat)

  • Depression

  • Anxiety and addiction/self-medicating with substances or behaviors

In working with men, Thrive’s goal is to achieve optimal health through nutrition and wellness services.
This starts with the following:

  • Identify root causes

  • Tapping into the body’s innate ability to heal itself

  • Provide empowering education that allows individuals to heal, Thrive, and reclaim their lives

Stop Surviving and Start Thriving Today!

The WHO on Men’s Health

The World Health Organization reports that in most parts of the world, health outcomes among boys and men continue to be substantially worse than among girls and women. The goal at Thrive is to raise awareness of the excess burden of morbidity and mortality in men and work to improve men’s health by utilizing nutrition and wellness services.

Begin with a health assessment and nutrition plan that is personalized to you!

Thrive takes a holistic, integrative, and functional approach toward your health that often begins to restore hope. For many, we often hear it is the first time you really feel “heard,” especially for those that have failed to gain health in the world of conventional medicine. This starts with the following:

  • Detailing your health history with a personalized health intake form

  • Finding the root cause of any underlying health condition

  • Determine hormonal imbalance or lifestyle disease through clinical lab testing

  • A comprehensive lifestyle assessment

  • Nutritional diagnosis of your current diet

  • Personalized nutritional recommendations

This step-by-step process empowers and educates you, with bio-individualized information that is no-nonsense and designed to meet your unique needs for natural healing that changes your life!

Stop Surviving and start Thriving today with increased energy and vitality!

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