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One-on-One Nutrition Consultation

1-Month Program – $390

This plan is geared towards individuals who already incorporate well-established health and wellness protocols but want to make a few changes, adjust their protocols to meet new goals, or make a tweak to encompass important life changes. The program is also beneficial for individuals new to the benefits of a holistic health program who want to try a new way of living, moving and eating. (Please see the 3 or 6-month plan if you have dependency issues, are dealing with chronic disease, or have other long-term concerns. It is difficult to address these issues effectively in only 1-month).

  • 60-90 minute initial nutrition/wellness consultation and review of health assessment
    • Review health intake
    • Identify chief concerns and goals
    • Discuss nutrition basics and client’s current meal planning/prep
    • Address any concerns and questions
  • Personalized Health and Wellness Plan that meets your bio-individual needs (we are all unique!)
    • Analyze current diet and make recommendations
    • Customized meal plans and nutrition program
    • Suggestions and review of current supplements (based on your bio-individuality and needs)
    • Recommend exercise and fitness goals
    • Evaluate lifestyle factors such as stress, sleep, fun and connection (along these lines I will also educate and empower you in understanding the importance of having a proper functioning nervous system for healthy digestion)
  • Follow-up appointments (45-60 minutes)
    • Assess health and wellness goals and make modifications when appropriate
    • Review food journals and discuss successes and obstacles
    • Develop Accountability- the best plans are only a success when implemented
    • Address any concerns and questions you have
  • Nutritional analysis of your current diet
  • Email Support as needed
  • Other tools, such as tutorials of apps for tracking and monitoring food choices, and supportive handouts on subjects that address chief concerns and areas of interest

There are typically additional costs for vitamins and herbs, prices vary. I recommend anticipating $100- $200 per month for these costs.

3-Month Program – $325/month or $900 up front

This is the most popular and recommended program.  This package allows clients to make wide-sweeping changes in their holistic health.  It is intended for clients who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and provides an environment that allows you to experience maintainable actions and sustainable results which carry into the future.  Improvements in your mind, body, spirit and emotions are accomplished by working towards and mastering modifications to your lifestyle, exercise, diet and outlook.  Again, you will always feel you are met ‘where you are’ no matter where you are on your health journey, and there will never be anything done that you don’t agree to or cannot adhere to.  This program allows you to more fully discover what works for you to feel better, and enables us to work together to create a program that is livable.

  • 1-month program
  • Detox
  • Weekly meal plans tailored to your needs
  • Two 1-hour sessions (you select these from the Menu below) *

6-Month Program – $300/month or $1,600 up front

This package is for individuals eager to attain unparalleled improvement in health and wellness, perhaps in the face of on-going illness or disease.  You will feel renewed hope and feel heard for the first time in a way that the conventional medicine field may have let you down.  We will work as a team in working in conjunction with your physicians and other wellness professionals in developing a comprehensive health plan.  As always, we will look to underlying causes and conditions, from a holistic perspective, and address any illness with targeted nutrition leading to healthful aging and vitality.  How you age is largely up to you.  This very hands on and extensive approach is suited for those willing to find the ‘best you’ while on this planet.

  • 3-month program
  • Four 1-hour sessions (you select these from the Menu below) *

*Wellness Menu- (1 Hour Coaching) – $75 (some items are included per above plans)

As we work together, these coaching sessions can be added to help you on your journey and are included in many of our monthly packages. You choose those that will help you best achieve your new healthy and holistic lifestyle. These sessions provide additional support to existing clients or may be utilized by individuals or groups interested in learning more about other avenues of health and wellness.  Wellness that leads to Thriving, not just surviving!

  • Audit of Kitchen and Pantry
  • Grocery shopping tour – Walk, pick groceries, and learn!
  • Home cooking instruction in your home or JC’s
  • Meet for lunch, dinner, coffee and learn
  • Meal planning for parties and guests
  • Acupuncture (Self-acupuncture/pressure instruction – rather than someone giving you the fish, you are shown how to fish. Showing you that which was freely given 2500 years ago.)
  • Meditation and Mindfulness Techniques
  • Ayurveda Analysis for personalized nutritional protocols
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine – Nutritional protocols designed to meet your needs
  • Muscle Testing – A tool to find what foods and nutrients work for you
  • Herbal Therapy
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) – a tapping solution designed to meet your needs
  • Aromatherapy – Find what works for you
  • Sound Therapy – Access brain waves to help bring you into a state of serenity, reduced anxiety, meditation, concentration, sleep, improve energy and many others
  • Purpose, Passion, Prosperity and Service – Do you ever feel like…
    • there’s got to be more to life than just being a cog in the “machine”
    • there’s a “real you” inside that’s dying to get out and make a difference
    • there must be a way to make a living doing work that’s close to your heart

    If you answered “yes!” to any one of these questions, then we are here to support you. This is a course designed to evaluate who you are meant to be and what you are called to do. PowerPoint presentations and guidance allow you to begin asking questions such as ‘what would I do if I could not fail’? You are instructed on how to financially support that calling and how to mark progress as you follow your vision. (This course takes place over a number of coaching sessions, please discuss with Thrive.)

  • Ketogenic Diet – Receive guidance from personal experience. Tap into burning your own fat in lieu of being dependent on glucose, it can make all the difference in your moods, health, etc. (This one hour session is much more about ‘what’ than ‘how’.  Note that the 3-month plan listed above includes Ketogenic Diet in its entirety, should you wish to select this item)
  • Unique service requests – What do you want to know or learn?

Forms for Clients

Are you ready for the new and improved you?  Is it time to stop surviving and start Thriving?

Get started today by downloading and completing the forms below to start your nutritional consultation and wellness program.  The first health is wealth, and it is time you invested in yourself!

  • Diet and Observation Journal (blank copy)
    Feel free to use your own format if it contains the requested info

  • Diet and Observation Journal (sample copy)
    Given to show what diet diary and observation could look like

  • Client Intake and Nutritional Assessment
    While filling this out many begin to feel ‘heard for the first time and begin having a renewed sense of hope!’

  • Client Release

  • Coaching Agreement

  • Pre-Intake Form
    If info is duplicated on above intake assessment, simply fill it out in one place

  • Bristol Stool Chart
    Indicate stool type on observation report. Much of illness and disease stems from poor absorption of nutrients or poor elimination.  This information tells a holistic nutritionist a lot of information and is very important!

Download Thrive Client Forms

Wellness Program Development

Thrive believes that a healthier life if possible for everyone.  When individuals have access to better information, they make more informed decisions about their health and wellness, and this leads to savings in time and money.  At the core of this is education, and motivating tools, which help empower individuals to understand the value of healthy lifestyle choices and nutrition.  With my 20+ years of experience working in a corporate setting, I am well-equipped to implement and develop wellness programs which increase individual outcomes in schools, small businesses, corporations, treatment facilities/addiction centers, and other community or business organizations.  Thrive helps individuals set simple, attainable goals and build confidence in their ability to improve their health with some of the following services:

  • Nutrition Consultation (customized recommendations to set goals and make positive changes)
  • Track progress and build on successes to get and stay healthy (empowering tools)
  • Develop cost-effective and healthy meal plans
  • Improve dietary resource management and allocated spending in a manner which improves individuals’ health and wellness
  • Education for clients, individuals, staff and groups on healthy diet and lifestyle
  • Oversight and modification to pre-existing health and wellness programs (initiatives must start at the top!)

For wellness program options, and in-depth pricing, please contact Jeff directly

Group or Community Education and Speaking Engagements

Jeff’s (‘JC’) passion comes alive in group settings!

He is available to help motivate, empower, inspire, and encourage employees, groups, organizations and clients to improve dietary habits and live a balanced life.

It is a true pleasure to instill the tremendous benefits of healthy dietary and lifestyle philosophies, along with mindfulness, to all walks of life (young, old, addicts, alcoholics, self-medicating persons with other substances, athletes, you name it!).

For education and speaking engagements, and in-depth pricing, please contact Jeff directly.

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