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Thrive Holistic Nutrition & Wellness offers a number of services as part of our holistic approach to health.

Our services help to understand You; your likes and dislikes, challenges, family history, personal health history, and your unique biochemistry in order to design a plan that works for you.

What We Offer You At Thrive

Nutritional Consultation

Supplement Sales & Guidance

Laboratory Testing

Meal Plans & Recipe Ideas

Detoxification Protocols

And much more…

Nutritional Consultation

Our holistic approach to nutrition begins with a meeting. Here we learn about your chief concerns, diet, illnesses, health history, and more. Getting to know you helps tailor a nutritional plan that suits your individual tastes and lifestyle.

Supplement Sales and Guidance

Finding the right supplements to help you thrive can sometimes be difficult. There’s a ton of information out there (and misinformation) along with a bunch of junk products. The most expensive supplement is one that does not work. Part of our job is to understand the best supplement products for various nutritional deficiencies or lifestyle demands. We can help match you up with the best products to improve your health.

Laboratory Testing

Along with a consultation, lab work is the best way to gauge your health and get a clear understanding of your nutritional needs and potential lifestyle modifications. We won’t draw your blood, but we may order some or review recent ones with you (often these are tests you can self-perform). Even if you eat right, exercise, and eliminate bad habits, you may have an underlying medical condition, nutritional deficiencies, or hormone imbalances that only functional blood chemistry analysis can detect.

Meal Plans and Recipe Ideas

Once we understand your lifestyle and chemistry we can get to the fun part; designing meal plans and recipe ideas that suit your bio-individuality. Developing delicious, nourishing meal plans helps you eat right and educates you on the power of food as medicine. We help you make good choices, with fantastic meals, designed to meet your body’s specific needs.

Detoxification Protocols

Whether you have a lifetime of poor nutrition or are working through addiction and recovery, ridding your body of excess toxins is part of a comprehensive health plan. No more depriving yourself on a restrictive “diet” or damaging your health with unsafe detox programs. The 14 Day Detox includes an easy-to-follow, step-by-step anti-inflammatory food plan. This includes menu options for 14 days, recipes, and detox supplements that are designed to tap into the body’s innate ability to heal itself and improve the overall functionality of the body.

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