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Achieving Optimal Health Through Nutrition and Wellness Services

Stop Surviving and Start Thriving Today!

Jeff Clemons (‘JC’), MNT

Master Nutrition Therapist and Body Mechanic


Welcome! My name is Jeff Clemons (‘JC’). I am an empowering master nutrition therapist (MNT) and body mechanic. Very similar to how a mechanic works on an automobile, I work on the human body. I consider myself a ‘body mechanic’ as I am passionate about working on achieving optimal health through nutrition and wellness services.

I wholeheartedly believe in the body’s innate ability to heal itself. I’m devoted to helping you heal naturally by identifying root cause(s), utilizing food as medicine, and providing you with the tools and wellness services that allow you to stop Surviving and start Thriving!

Since 2015 I have helped men, women and their families restore their health from a variety of health conditions, imbalances, and lifestyle illnesses. The goal is always to regain health and vitality by utilizing bio-individualized care along with a holistic healing approach. My passion is to help you naturally heal by empowering, educating, inspiring, and helping you achieve your desired results. This is accomplished by joining you where you are on your journey to optimal health.


The term ‘Bio-individuality’ is an important concept when working with my clients.  Clients are often confused by the ‘health information’ they hear and read, much of which conflicts with each other.  Very often they have experienced years of failure in the world of conventional medicine.  They are also tired of paying for prescriptions that only treat symptoms rather than healing from within and overcoming root cause(s).

What is often misunderstood is how we are all biochemically unique (bio-individual). One diet does not work for everyone, and every person has unique needs.  General health recommendations don’t always work, and people need to use bio-individuality to find what works for them.

I work with you to debunk and discredit much of the false mainstream information and provide the research and knowledge that benefits you personally. We begin by identifying your root cause(s), the nutrients required for overcoming and restoring this, and evaluate any holistic lifestyle changes and approaches that need to be taken.  These are changes which get you feeling and looking better than ever!

What Thrive Nutrition Clients Are Saying

“I am so thankful for your energy and passion to help me with my nutrition and wellness needs. I appreciate you helping me more than anyone has in 15 years, including my doctors. You have been a huge influence for me to get my diet and lifestyle back in sync to improve my health. Thank you.”

Nancy T., Denver, CO

“I would recommend your services to anyone hoping to get their health back on track or simply tweak things. Your level of detail and passion has helped me tremendously in looking at my own diet and lifestyle. I would tell anyone that you do an excellent job and have a level of care that is often not found in healthcare today.”

Cindy S., Lakewood, CO

Health and Nutrition Plans Personalized to You

When working together, Thrive takes a holistic, integrative, and functional approach toward your health that often begins to restore hope.  Many of my clients say working with Thrive is the first time they have really felt “heard”, especially for those that have failed to gain health in the world of conventional medicine.

The process at Thrive starts with the following:

  • Detailing your health history with a personalized health intake questionnaire and interview
  • Finding the root cause(s) of any underlying health condition
  • Determining hormonal imbalances or lifestyle diseases through clinical lab testing
  • Creating a comprehensive lifestyle assessment
  • Conducting a nutritional diagnosis of your current diet
  • Developing personalized nutritional recommendations

This step-by-step process empowers and educates you, with bio-individualized information that is no-nonsense and designed to meet your unique needs for natural healing that changes your life!

It’s time to stop Surviving and start Thriving today with increased energy and vitality.

Nutrition Programs & Services

To Thrive, I will work with you to design a bio-individualized nutrition and comprehensive lifestyle plan. At Thrive our personalized natural healing programs help those with chronic fatigue, heavy metal toxicity, diabetes, thyroid and hormone imbalances, autoimmune disease, mitochondrial and metabolic dysfunction, chronic digestive problems/leaky gut, anxiety, weight loss struggles, and many other complex health challenges. Thrive helps those looking to improve their nutrition, prevent disease, heal naturally, restore vitality, and age healthfully.

Jeff Clemons, MNT

Want to Thrive? Take advantage of my free 15-minute consultation and begin to feel ‘heard’ for the first time. Let Thrive help you on your journey to wellness and schedule your free consultation now! It doesn’t matter where you live, Thrive offers coaching from a distance via Skype or phone!

Other services include 1-time consultations, clinical lab testing, blood chemistry analysis, mentoring others starting in the field of nutrition, and individualized nutrition and health coaching sessions.

More About Thrive Programs & Services

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